Pink Vintage Toddler Session by Little Eloise Portrait Studio

When: March 25, 2016 | Where: Staunton, Virginia | Theme/Colors: Pink, Pearls, Vintage

Be still my heart, this Vintage Toddler is just too adorable! Upon receiving this pink vintage toddler submission, the color, the style and let’s not forget the cute model, were few of the reasons we had to accept this submission.

Fun fact: Of all the submissions received, this was the first one that was accepted!

Our toddler has no chill at all when it comes to being such a darling. With pearls and all her fro out, she poses with her grandmother’s dress; a dress she wore in the portrait which is featured in the session as well. The session was done as a surprise for the little girl’s grandmother. The original picture of the grandmother was taken in Tacoma, WA where her grandmother was born, at Austin Studio where it was used as an advertisement in the front window of the photography studio. Kyla’s mother had the photo (of her mom) re framed and then scheduled the session and surprised her mom and her grandmother (who took her mother to the studio when she was a baby) with the images.

No, it doesn’t get any more vintage than this! Enjoy this Toddler Inspiration submitted by Little Eloise Portrait Studio!

Pink Vintage Toddler Inspiration

pink-vintage-toddler-dress-12 pink-vintage-toddler-dress-11 pink-vintage-toddler-dress-10 kyla-vintage-dress-15 pink-vintage-toddler-dress-14 pink-vintage-toddler-dress-13 kyla-vintage-dress-25 kyla-vintage-dress-24 kyla-vintage-dress-19 kyla-vintage-dress-17 pink-vintage-toddler-dress-4 kyla-pink-vintage-toddler-dress-1 pink-vintage-toddler-dress-16 pink-vintage-toddler-dress-18 pink vintage toddler session toddler-vintage-session-kyla-vintage-dress-3


Photography: Little Eloise Portrait Studio

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