Toronto Newborn Session with CeCe | Annya Miller Photography

When: April 22, 2017 | Where: Toronto (GTA), ON | Theme: N/A | Colors: Grey, Blue

Today we are breaking the silence on this blog with this lovely Toronto Newborn Session with CeCe! Baby Cece was born in April and soon after, her mum asked me for a photographer to capture those tiny feet and cute smiles. Immediately, I recommended the amazing Annya Miller who captured my baby Lael!

At 13 days old, Baby CeCe was posing for her newborn photos and we couldn’t be anymore thrilled to see how well they turned out, with a few family lovely denim photos too!

More Details of  Toronto Newborn Session with CeCe

“There’s the bunny outfit i got for the shoot. I did not know what to expect so I thought i would bring an outfit i liked. The photographer Annya was so nice and professional, my favorite moment was when C.C. smiled in her sleep. She held the smile long enough for Annya to get enough shots of her smiling. ” – Mum

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Photo Session Advice

“Try to book the sessions early; if possible before the baby is born and have fun. ” – Mum

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