Pink Mint Nursery Newborn Session | Lauren Coffey Photography

When: Mar 30, 2016 | Where: Hartselle, Alabama | Details: In Home, Lifestyle,

Little baby Piper is extremely adorable in her pink mint nursery which we could not get enough of. Such bright colors and decor details had us nodding throughout the whole album. We can’t deny, we love ourselves a cute nursery!

Katie knew she always wanted to be a mother. She married the man of her dreams, Zach, and welcomed his son as her own when he was a toddler. Now, Katie and Zach are celebrating the birth of their daughter, Piper. They went through periods of infertility, miscarriages and doubt. Piper is the baby they prayed for, the baby the cried for, and the baby that they always dreamed of!

Photo Session Advice

“As a mom a week postpartum, I was worried about the little details-what to wear, is the house clean enough, getting the baby prepared for the shoot etc. However, a week into my new baby’s life I was soaking up all the newborn freshness also! That was the reason for having our pictures taken in the first place!

So my advice to parents thinking about a newborn shoot is to just slow down and let it be. Enjoy all those little moments with the new baby and let the photographer capture this fleeting season as it is! In the end I just wanted to be able to remember how things really were not and find perfection in all the imperfection.” – Katie

More about the Pink Mint Nursery Newborn Session

“When I remember doing this photo shoot I actually think about what a blessing working with a professional photographer really is! I have a family who hates having their picture taken! I had picked up my son from school and rushed home to meet my husband coming from work, and Lauren showed up shortly after to set up. I was juggling a tired kid, husband and baby and none of them were interested in cooperating! Add to that my new mama hormones going crazy and I was a little bit stressed!

Lauren helped to arrange everything to where we could all relax and really capture these moments I wanted to treasure forever! That to me is worth the investment with newborn photography! Some of my favorite shots from the shoot are the close ups of Piper and all the newborn sweetness. Those tiny details change so fast with babies, and when I look the pictures now it’s like time standing still. They will always hold a special place to my heart!” – Katie

pink-mint-nursery-crib pink-mint-nursery-mint-green pink-mint-nursery-changing-tables pink-mint-nursery pink-mint-nursery-changing-table pink-mint-nursery-shoot pink-mint-nursery-signange pink-mint-nursery-too-stinkin-cutepink-mint-nursery-wall-signage pink-mint-nursery-chalkboard pink-mint-nursery-newborn-session pink-mint-nursery-pink-crib-quilt pink-mint-nursery-shoot pink-mint-nursery-pink-crib-bedding pink-mint-nursery-session-newborn pink-mint-nursery-newborn-session pink-mint-nursery-newborn-yawn in-home-newborn-lauren-coffey-photo family-and-newborn-photo-totsvilla


Photographer:  Lauren Coffey Photography//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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