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When: Sep 14, 2016 | Where: Elizabeth, Colorado | Details: Music, Moody, Autumn, Cabin,

Michaela’s mom and photographer was inspired for this Music in the Cabin shoot by a blooming yellow floral bush that grows wild there in Colorado. She purchased the dress from Little Trendsetters, the shoes from Joyfolie and shot this lovely session on a cabin owned by a friend.

About the Music in the Cabin Shoot

“Anytime working with a little one, I tend to keep tricks up my sleeve. I look at photo sessions as an opportunity to go on a grand adventure and create a great memory. I never want a family to dread a photography session with me. So it only makes sense to practice on my own kids.

Michaela’s personality is very dramatic. If she doesn’t want to do something or if she is done, there is no convincing her otherwise. She is particular about what she wears and how it looks and how it makes her feel. I ask her opinion on outfit choices more than I feel like I should. But that’s because I want her to be sold. Sometimes I feel like I am talking to a little grown up.

At first she didn’t like the dress because without the shirt underneath it, she felt vulnerable. The Amelia Dress by Little Trendsetters is very adorable all by itself. Honestly, more suited for a 2-3 year old. As a child gets older and a bit more self conscious adjustments need to be made. Adding a hand made long sleeve shirt underneath, transformed this adorable summer dress into a tailored outfit suitable for fall or winter. Adding long sleeves also pushed me to add stockings and shoes, instead of bare legs and feet. It was actually Michaela who picked out the Joyfolie shoes to accompany her look.

Once at the Cabin, she changed her outfit and we began an amazing game of pretend. We were in the middle of the woods and this was our cozy home. She was a princess in hiding and loved playing the piano.

My favorite part of this session is when it became hers. It was her story. The photos are of her story. When I make a photo album, it will be her story book. Honestly, that is why I love being a Child Photographer. The limitless imagination. The colorful storylines. I want to chase it and capture it while I can because one day they will grow up.” – Mum

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Photo Session Advice

“Make it special! Ask for your kiddo’s input while planning. It helps them feel like they helped make it happen. When you find the perfect outfit, let them try it on once, but don’t let them wear it. Treat the dress with awe and they will too! When they do get to finally put it on for the photo session, let them enjoy it.

I like to play at my sessions and not be too strict with rules or posing. As a parent, it can be so easy to tell them to “smile,” “look at the camera”, “don’t touch that”, “put your hands down”, “don’t pick your nose”, etc. Instead, let them play, and wait for the smiles and the bright eye moments. That way, the smiles aren’t forced!

Allow the photographer to interact with your child and give direction. Most of the time, our kids behave better for others anyways!” – Mum & Photographer


Photographer: Bullfrogs & Butterflies Photography//Shoes: Joyfolie//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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