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When: Dec 09, 2016 | Where: Houston, Texas | Details: Mommy and Me, Studio,

This mommy and me session was so sweet. Caroline is the youngest of 3 and is absolutely beautiful! For this light-filled mommy and me session, the mom wore a Morning Lavender gown and it was gorgeous on her in the natural light studio of Kate Elizabeth Photography. There is just something so incredibly special about a mama and her baby that makes you all warm and fuzzy inside!

About the Light-filled Mommy and Me Session

“As the year went on I longed for pictures of me and my sweet baby girl. Kate had an idea for the shoot. It was all Kate’s vision to have me and Caroline dressed in white on a white bed. Knowing how much I loved our previous shoot I was excited to see what Kate came up with.

It was such a fun session in Kate’s studio ( the light in there is to die for!). Kate had me snuggle up to my baby which is what we do all day every day and that is why this session is so special. We snuggled on the bed, kissed her baby skin, and giggled, making sure to take nursing breaks as needed to keep Miss Caroline smiling.” – Mum

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Photo Session Advice

“My 8 month old baby girl is Caroline. She is my third baby and knowing how quick babies grow up I wanted to capture the sweet bond we have as mother and daughter. When planning a photo session the best thing you can do to get the pictures you want is to find a photographer with similar style to your own. The moment I opened Kate’s galleries last spring I knew she was my girl!

Our first photo session with Kate was Caroline’s newborns in April of 2016. Every setup and outfit Kate liked I liked and it made the whole hours long process so easy. Kate put my whole family, even my husband, at ease and made my children giggle. The day was as dreamy as the baby.

The second advice I would give to parents planning a photo session for kids is to make sure to schedule the shoot around naps and bring lots of treats to encourage smiles (I recommend raisins if they are toddlers and marshmallows for the older kiddos).

The last advice I would give for a photo session is to think about your color palette you want when picking outfits and keep it simple. Your outfits help tell the story but you don’t want them to distract from the subjects.” – Mum


Photographer:  Kate Elizabeth Photography//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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