Golden Hearts Baby Girl Style


For the fashion forward little ones, today’s style board is bound to make your mommas/care takers up your styling game with all the lovely golden hearts-y details. Our Golden hearts baby girl style board is totally melting our hearts and we absolutely could not wait to share.

While curating this board, one thing kept on ringing in my head about this baby girl’s look was “a chic valentine’s day look”. Without looking too much like the holiday with it’s obvious pink and red colors, your baby girl could rock this look and be extra chic while dressed ready for the holiday.

This golden hearts baby girl style look stemmed from the juicy couture socks and headband which come in a set. Everything about that socks screamed “hearty chic”! Style your little girl in this look, both for the upcoming valentines day and any other upcoming event you may have on your calendar.

Golden Hearts Baby Girl Style

Golden Hearts Baby Girl Style | Baby Girl Fashion | Baby Girl Valentines

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